Straight Up Boxing

Our mission

Straight Up Boxing’s mission is to provide a safe and positive environment in which the youth of Kenosha and the surrounding area can feel secure as they learn life skills, achieve success in school, and build self- esteem in preparation for their futures. Straight Up Boxing’s helps to facilitate this through training of competitive amateur boxers as well as performing vigorous conditioning workouts to promote a healthy life style in both mind and body. Straight Up Boxing is committed to provide a special focus to inner city at-risk youths and to do this under a strong environment of respect, discipline, family and Faith.

What We Teach

We are teaching that the art of boxing, hitting without getting hit.

  • Teaching Proper Boxing Stance
  • Teaching Proper Foot Work
  • Teaching how to hit the speed bag
  • Teaching how to hit the heavy bag
  • Teaching how to throw punches like a boxer


What We can do for you

We will help you with endurance, speed, skill, quickness, strength,eye hand coordination and the ability to perform when you are exhausted.

 I I will teach you about boxing and Slugging Your Way to The Top!

Our Story

The story is simple, we can’t do it alone and we need your help. Dan Nieves started the gym so his daughter had a clean, safe and healthy environment to train. He has opened his heart and gym to members of the community both rich and poor, of many different ages and backgrounds. This has made for a wonderful family like atmosphere where we instill confidence, boxing skills and physical fitness. Since Dan Nieves left we have commited to keeping the same values & boxing style that he estblished during his time at Straight Up Boxing. 

Dan Ouimet and his brother Joe both joined the gym as it was something that they could do with their children while focusing on losing those extra pounds and signs of age. The Ouimet brother’s quickly discovered what the gym was all about and jumped on board to help further this endeavor.

Though the paying members helped keep the doors open the business model was destined to failure and help was needed. The solution, become a 501 (c) (3) and share with others the opportunity for the city and youth to have such a valuable opportunity.